A large captive audience averaging 15 to 20 thousand viewers per month is waiting at the car wash and has nothing to do for up to 30 minutes per visit. Car Wash Ads allows you to capitalize on their downtime time to give your business the exposure needed to generate an immediate response. With this kind of downtime, it’s essentially making your business the name and face of the community. The beautiful thing about our advertising display is the take-away factor. Someone will see your ad and have the opportunity to take your card, serving as a physical reminder of what they saw at the car wash. This makes your company accessible to potential customers after they’ve left the car wash.


Our large list of active locations gives our customers the ability to target a specific area or canvas an entire region. Car Wash Ads make it easy for businesses to reach some of the most affluent consumers in their own community! If someone is willing to pay $20 to soap and water their car, they must be willing to pay top dollar for your services. Call today to check availability in your area!


CWA cleans your displays and re-stocks your business cards on a regular basis, ensuring that the boards are well maintained with plenty of cards to dispense. CWA will notify you when your business cards are running low. Don’t have business cards yet? No problem, our professional creative team can design and print cards at affordable rates!



Average Demographic Per Location:

  • 43% Male
  • 57% Female
  • 68% Married
  • 87% 28-54 Years Old
  • 84% Earn Over $78K a Year
  • 38% Earn Over $106K a Year
  • 17% Earn Over $144K a Year
  • 64% Executive Level Professionals

Average Statistics Per Location:

  • 20,000 Average Patrons per Month
  • 90% Return Rate
  • 75% Loyal Customers
  • 15% Utilize Two or More Locations
  • 10% Random Patrons
  • Average Visit is Once a Week
  • Average Wait Time is 30 Minutes