Car Wash Ads has a diverse team of experienced web designers and skilled back-end developers with knowledge spanning across most industries. Our designers will work with you to deliver a visual experience that stands out and resonates with your customer. Once a design route is selected, our trained web developers bring it to life. A combination of HTML, PHP, JQUERY, JAVA Script, and HTML5 is used to add some of the following functionalities to your site:

  • Customizable CMS (Content Management System) Platforms
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Blogs
  • Video Players
  • Music Players
  • Image Sliders
  • Galleries
  • Store Locators
  • Interactive Maps
  • Fill Out Forms
  • IP Detection/Redirect
  • And just about anything else you can imagine


Having a mobile version of your website is essential to keep up with today’s market. The number one reason – because that’s what your customers are expecting. Over 50% of people use their smartphones for researching and shopping. That percentage is constantly increasing and those businesses who choose not to upgrade to a mobile site are losing customers ever so quickly.

Google and other search engines now require mobile friendly websites in order to show up in search results. With over 50% of users searching from mobile, don’t risk losing customers to the competition!


Sell your products online even while you sleep! With an e-commerce website, your product or service will be viewed 24/7/365. Another added bonus: all geographical limitations are not longer an issue. Your website will now be available to local, national and international markets.

Car Wash Ads offers affordable eCommerce solutions for small businesses, start-up companies, corporations, universities, and non-profits alike. Our trained developers can create and customize a fluid online shopping experience that drives visitors to the point of purchase. Built-in tools make it easy to organize inventory, process orders, configure products, set pricing, and manage returns.